Detailed Project Overview

2018 GRLS Calendar


Requester: Annie Li

Department: Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

Requested: 05/03/17

Due: 08/12/17

About the Project

To promote participant retention and fundraising for the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study and provide a volunteer and participant engagement opportunity.

Details Deliverables, Audiences, Messages, Past Edition


  • Webpage announcing Calendar Project
  • 2 Emails re call to action - 1) photo/donation submission info & deadline. 2) Reminder email re photo submssion deadline
  • Online Platform for Calendar Sales (e-Commerce)
  • Communication for announcing calendar available for sale (social media, print, emails, etc.)
  • Collaborative 2018 GRLS Calendar produced



GRLS Volunteers and Study Participants - including vets. Needs met are promotion of retention, engagement and fundraising


MAF Donors and General Public. Needs met are fundraising and awareness.



GRLS Volunteers and MAF can collaborate and form a team that can complete a successful and mutually beneficial project.


GRLS Volunteers are valued by MAF. GRLS Volunteers are successful fundraisers.

Influences & Dependencies

Calendar Layout

Measurement Goals, Metrics


Simple process for online photo submissions and donations. Obtain photos through community engagement and participant submission. Promote volunteer engagement with involvement of the judging of the photos. Promote participate engagement through a contest (3-5 finalist photos) for the “2018 Hero Dog”. Promote volunteer engagement with their ideas for fun facts/study information to be included in calendar. Promote volunteer engagement with involvement of reviewing layout. Create a calendar that appeals to participants, supporters, and donors. Raise $20,000 for GRLS (minus cost, which is estimated at $2,000). Strengthen relationship between MAF, MBS, GRLS and GRLS Volunteers. Have printed calendar available by September 1, 2017.


# of photos submitted by volunteers $ raised with photo submission and calendar sales # of participants who vote Completion deadline met

Outcomes Report Unpon Project Completion

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Resources Budget, Hours, Influences & Dependencies, Required Assets




50 Team Hours

Required Assets


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Team Roles & Contact

  • Project Manager Annie Li
  • Reviewer Erin Searfoss
  • Reviewer Nancy Clark

Schedule Milestone Details


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