Detailed Project Overview

Bigsby’s Folly Campaign


Requester: Carol Borchert

Department: Marketing and Brand Strategy

Requested: 05/25/17

Due: 06/08/17

About the Project

Bigsby's Folly is a new urban winery opening in June 2017. Marla and Chad Yetka are owners. Marla is a participant in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. They would like create awareness about the Foundation, as well as raise funds, in several ways. The campaign will create awareness in the local Denver community, and target Bigsby's dog-loving following. This campaign will run from their opening day in June through the end of September. 1. Point of purchase information about MAF - our brochure 2. Sales of dog biscuit bottles with proceeds going to MAF 3. Donation options on bill (donate $1 - $5 - $10 etc. 4. Community gives day in September

Details Deliverables, Audiences, Messages, Past Edition


  • Press release, social posts, bottle hang tag
  • Social posts
  • Bottle hangtag
  • Feature in GRLS eUpdate



Pet-loving potential donors


Pet-loving community to increase MAF awareness



Morris Animal Foundation saves animal lives through research.


Morris Animal Foundation is local - support your Denver-based animal health foundation. Morris Animal Foundation needs you. Learn more about who we are and how you can make a difference for animals.

Influences & Dependencies

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Measurement Goals, Metrics


1. Create awareness of MAF through Bigsby's Folly 2. Social metrics 3. Fundraising - no specific goal currently


Increase in social connections Fundraising over 4-month campaign

Outcomes Report Unpon Project Completion

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20 Team Hours

Required Assets

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Team Roles & Contact

  • Project Manager Carol Borchert
  • Content Provider Nicole Maluso
  • Reviewer Roxanne Davis
  • Approval Required Tiffany Grunert
  • Content Provider Jeanne Horne

Schedule Milestone Details


    Press release


    Hang tag