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GRLS Hero Trading Cards


Requester: Annie Li

Department: Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

Requested: 11/28/17

Due: 01/26/18

About the Project

• Hero Trading Card template design to be collaborative with GRLS team and Volunteer Leadership Team.

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  • Hero Trading Card template



GRLS participants




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Measurement Goals, Metrics


• To promote retention and engagement in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study by providing a “standardized” tool that many participants are already utilizing. (Please see samples.) • To promote awareness of the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study to the community through personalized marketing. • Provide an easy method for participants to download and complete a template for Hero Trading Cards that will be consistent in style and correct branding.


Digital tracking of number of Hero Trading Cards created using link to template (from vendor) Tracking participant use of trading cards to engage with general public. (This will be a self-reporting metric via social media (FB page) to be managed by Annie and the Volunteer Leadership Team.)

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8 Team Hours

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Team Roles & Contact

  • Project Manager Annie Li
  • Reviewer Erin Searfoss
  • Content Provider Nicole Maluso
  • Marketing and Brand Strategy Lead Lindsey Katapski
  • Approval Required Tiffany Grunert

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