Detailed Project Overview

GRLS Necropsy Kit Launch


Requester: Sharon Albright

Department: Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

Requested: 05/17/17

Due: 07/01/17

About the Project

GRLS participants are encouraged, but not required, to have a necropsy (post-mortem examination) performed at the time of each dog's death. The necropsy can provide valuable information about the cause of death and contribute healthy and diseased tissue samples to our bio-repository for future study. From the study protocol: "Necropsies will be highly recommended and support will be provided. In particular, the following procedures are of critical importance to the success of this study: Selective tissue and fluid harvest and Cosmetic or full necropsy." As of May 4, 2017, almost 2,300 dogs’ owners have consented to necropsy. Objective: Launch of the individualized necropsy kit will provide instructions and resources allowing participating owners and veterinarians to fulfill this important data collection step in the GRLS. Purpose: Maximize data and sample collection at the time of participant death by making the process as simple and user-friendly as possible. Problem to be solved: Answer questions about "how" & "why" to comply with GRLS necropsy request.

Details Deliverables, Audiences, Messages, Past Edition


  • 1. Printing support – owner cover letter, DVM cover letter, instruction booklet + appdx 3, necropsy checklist, Fisher shipment inventory form
  • 2. Website updates – CLHP, Study veterinarian resources a. upload the following pdfs: Necropsy Kit: Collection & Shipping Instructions, Overview of Necropsy Procedures, How to perform a necropsy tutorial (previously posted) b. add “Order a necropsy kit” button
  • 3. E-mail campaign a.Pre-emptive email to owners mid-June, 1 week to update their consent preference b.Announcement of kit launch as they ship mid-July i.Owner ii. DVM
  • 4. Social media support – help GRLS team support owners, veterinarians, and GRLS volunteers as the kit is launched and questions come in
  • 5. Shipping/fulfilment assistance – help the GRLS team and volunteers prep and ship the kits for the initial mass mailing in mid-July



GRLS owners & veterinarians





We acknowledge the magnitude of the decision to consent to a necropsy on your beloved companion. We will provide you and your veterinarian with all of the necessary resources for a full necropsy to be completed with minimal thought or effort on your part upon the death of your dog.


Owners - We want you to focus on the life and love of your dog. Your dedication to the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is exemplary and we thank you for consenting to this one last step of scientific study. Veterinarians – We are here to assist you in collecting data and biologic samples from your patient. The necropsy will provide valuable tissue samples for future study and your assistance is critical.

Influences & Dependencies

• Necropsy kit contents to be shipped from various vendors • Other communication campaigns – best to launch this project prior to the September Animal News, October National Specialty and the subsequent holiday season • Volunteer fulfillment resources

Measurement Goals, Metrics


1. Educate owners and veterinarians about GRLS necropsy protocol 2. Support owners that consent to a necropsy by providing ready to use instructions and therefore eliminating stressful discussions at the time of a dog’s death 3. Provide step-by-step instructions so that any veterinarian (regardless of personal experience performing necropsy) can harvest the appropriate data and biologic samples for GRLS


1. E-mail open rates and page visits to new online necropsy content 2. # of owners that consent to necropsy 3. # of full or cosmetic necropsies performed, # of tissues harvested for bio-repository, # of clinical pathology samples collected

Outcomes Report Unpon Project Completion


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10 Team Hours

Required Assets


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Team Roles & Contact

  • Project Manager Sharon Albright
  • Approval Required Erin Searfoss
  • Approval Required Barb Wolfe
  • Marketing and Brand Strategy Lead Tiffany Grunert
  • Content Provider Sharon Albright
  • Reviewer Nancy Clark
  • Reviewer Missy Simpson
  • Reviewer Annie Li

Schedule Milestone Details


    Detailed project briefing meeting


    e-mail campaign finalized and scheduled


    print materials received at Denver office


    website updates complete


    assist with fulfillment