Detailed Project Overview

GRLS Fear Free Happy Homes Launch_DELAYED BY FEAR FREE


Requester: Sharon Albright

Department: Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

Requested: 06/09/17

Due: 09/19/17

About the Project

The Fear Free mission is to alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in pets and educate and inspire the people that care for them. Fear Free focuses on both the physical and emotional well-being of pets. Over 4,000 veterinary professionals have become Fear Free certified. These amazing veterinarians, veterinary nurses, practice managers and their team members are equipped to make the veterinary visit something pets will look forward to. Now pet owners also have the opportunity to create a home full of Fear Free experiences and plenty of enrichment to help their pets live happy, healthy, full lives. Fear Free Happy Homes will launch in summer 2017 – it is a complimentary subscription for 2017 and will provide pet owners access to videos, blogs, articles and tips from the top experts in the field of pet welfare. Objectives: 1. Maximize GRLS participant retention 2. Demonstrate compassion and concern for animals’ physical and emotional well-being 3. Engage participating owners and veterinarians 4. Provide incentive for participating veterinarians Purpose: 1. Improve the quality and quantity of our biologic samples 2. Improve participant retention by reducing the number of owners that withdraw due to stress for them and/or the dog or the increased cost of drop off appointments and sedation 3. Improve veterinary retention since study visits will be faster and easier 4. Provide a reward of considerable financial and professional value to participating veterinarians 5. Strengthen the bond between client and veterinarian, leading to better veterinary retention and medical care for participants 6. Support Morris’ reputation of being for animals by including mental/behavioral health in our first intramural study 7. Increase awareness of Morris Animal Foundation within the larger companion animal veterinary community Problem to be solved: GRLS participants will be exposed to significant veterinary care throughout their lifetime. Since 26% of dogs owners say just thinking about going to the vet is stressful, 37% of dog owners say their pet hates going to the veterinarian, and over 75% of dogs show stress by the time they enter the veterinary clinic - it is the responsibility of Morris Animal Foundation, the veterinary profession, and pet owners to improve their pets’ experience at the veterinary clinic.

Details Deliverables, Audiences, Messages, Past Edition


  • 1. E-mail: content to be added to existing emails (specific dates: 9/19, 10/10, 11/21) to GRLS owners and DVMs
  • 2. Website a.Slider linked to a blog about the FFHH launch b.Add information & link on Study Participant Resources page
  • 3. Social media - supporters Facebook for the pledge signing campaign and associated donation (as needed); some support on MAF facebook page



GRLS owners


GRLS veterinarians, companion animal veterinary profession, general public



Morris Animal Foundation and the Fear Free initiative are working to improve the physical and emotional well-being of all pets. You can support the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study by taking the Fear Free Happy Homes pledge.


We acknowledge and appreciate the time and efforts of owners, dogs, and veterinarians to carry out this groundbreaking study. We care about the physical and emotional well-being of you and your pet(s).

Influences & Dependencies

• On-time launch by Fear Free. They are scheduled to launch in early June. By running our campaign from July 1 – Oct 1, we are building a cushion for initial bugs to be resolved and allowing this message to be carried to the Golden Retriever Club of America’s National Specialty in Maryland on Sept 22-30. This is a major engagement event for GRLS and FFHH will be a beneficial talking point. - DELAYED until August 1 launch. • Timing of other GRLS communications – Necropsy kit launch, 5 year anniversary/Animal News

Measurement Goals, Metrics


1. At least 60% of our cohort (1,422 owners) watches the Fear Free Happy Homes video and signs the pet owner pledge by October 1, 2017 2. Achieve our maximum donation of $10,000. Advertised as an anonymous donor, the Island Foundation will donate $5 for every pledge signed by a participating GRLS owner, veterinarian or supporter. This money has already been secured and designated for retention.


1. Number of pledges signed 2. Number of dollars donated to GRLS

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4 Team Hours

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  • Project Manager Sharon Albright
  • Approval Required Erin Searfoss
  • Approval Required Barb Wolfe
  • Marketing and Brand Strategy Lead Tiffany Grunert
  • Content Provider Sharon Albright
  • Reviewer Nancy Clark
  • Reviewer Annie Li
  • Reviewer Carol Borchert

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    detailed project brief meeting


    communication timeline confirmed


    e-mail and blog edits complete


    1st e-mail to owners and DVMs


    2nd e-mail to owners


    final call e-mail to owners


    tally final # of signed pledges and donation