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National Dog Day


Requester: Sara Yeransian

Department: Major and Planned Gifts

Requested: 05/04/17

Due: 06/01/17

About the Project

National Dog Day is a campaign that will raise money for GRLS. A generous donor has pledged $150,000 over the next 3 years ($50,000 each year) for GRLS and I would like to leverage her gift to create more revenue and action around GRLS. Description: Use the month of August (8/1-8/26) to raise money and awareness around GRLS. Call for action includes urging you to exercise your dog more that month; make a contribution of any size to GRLS to take advantage of the match; use a hashtag (involving Tag) to tag another dog-loving friend on social media to get them involved, as well. Objectives: Raise money for GRLS, increase our donor base, reach out to and work with corporate partners-- vendors at Coors Field, local hot dog places (Boulder Sausage Company, The Uber Sausage, Biker Jim's Gourmet Dogs...), involve GRLS volunteers in our outreach. Purpose: To raise money for GRLS through donors and corporate sponsors/restaurants.

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  • Postcard, emails, social media posts



GRLS enrollees, GRLS volunteers, Canine donors




There is a $50,000 match to take advantage of in the month of August. We want people to give during this time!


-Get donors/GRLS volunteers to get MAF's message out there on social media -Excercise your dog more than usual in the month of August

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-Raise money for GRLS through donors and corporate sponsors/restaurants -Increase awareness of GRLS through social media and thunder clap


-Raise $50,000 (number TBD) to take advantage of the $50,000 match.

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25 (not sure about this number at all) Team Hours

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  • Reviewer Sara Yeransian
  • Content Provider Nicole Maluso
  • Reviewer Laurie Peterson
  • Marketing and Brand Strategy Lead Tiffany Grunert
  • Content Provider Jeanne Horne

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