Micro Project Overview

Acknowledgement Slide


Requester: Cherie Cassel

Department: Scientific Programs

Project Type: Existing Assets

Requested: 11/07/17

Due: 11/10/17



We have single page PowerPoint "acknowledgement slide" that we ask investigator's to put at the end of their already prepared presentation (to promote MAF). The second page are logos they can copy and paste to use where they feel is appropriate in other parts of the presentation they are giving about their MAF-funded research. I updated the logos for now, but would like to ask MBS to brand it (color, text) how it should look/read when it is presented to audiences. It needs to remain as a single slide for use at the end of an MAF-funded PI's presentation. We have a link on the researcher's section of the website that we encourage study presenters to access to download and use the slide. Also, we send an email after one, two and three years from the project end date in part asking them to download and use this slide if they are presenting MAF-funded research.

Connected to existing project brief?