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Circle Of Discovery Quarterly Email


Requester: Jackie Poliseo

Department: Annual Giving

Project Type: Web Content Updates

Requested: 01/11/18

Due: 02/01/18

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Hello - I was looking to have the quarterly "Executive Update" email sent to the Circle of Discovery group on 2/1/18. This will be more of a gratitude/thank you for being a member email and content will be provided by Jackie/Laurie, with Laurie as the signer. I was thinking for artwork, we could just reuse the header from the welcome email from October (the dog from the front of the brochure). Tentative timeline below: Content to Jackie 1/24 - Laurie Final Content to MBS 1/25 - Jackie Final Approval 1/31 – Jackie/Laurie Email Send 2/1 – Scott/Jeanne Laurie has approved this timeline, but please let me know if this works for you, with all the website stuff happening. Thanks! PS - wasn't sure what Project Type to select for this kind of request

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