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Clone Loyal Friend Donation Form


Requester: Jackie Poliseo

Department: Annual Giving

Project Type: Web Content Updates

Requested: 10/24/17

Due: 11/03/17

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Cloned copy of Loyal Friend Donation Form (link below) to be used for donors who need to switch from the old payment gateway to the new. Updates needed: - Keep the form as is, but add a sentence to the end of the text at the top "Thank you for updating your monthly gift to our better, more secure processor." - Vanity url of: morrisanimalfoundation.org/lfupdate -Auto-responder text: Dear , Thank you for updating your monthly gift information with Morris Animal Foundation. Your sustained support continues to inspire us as we work to improve the lives of animals through scientific education and innovation. You may receive an email reflecting that your previous recurring gift was cancelled, however by updating your information today, you have ensured that your support will continue to improve the lives of animals. Should you have any additional questions regarding your monthly gift, or anything going on at Morris Animal Foundation, please give us a call at 800.243.2345. Thank you for being a Loyal Friend! - Make sure that Christy receives a notification of any gifts made to the form

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