Micro Project Overview

CoD Donor Giving History


Requester: Jackie Poliseo

Department: Annual Giving

Project Type: Data Input/Output

Requested: 02/09/18

Due: 02/15/18

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Hi - I'm not exactly sure what to ask for, but what I'm looking to find is current CoD donors (individuals) who give multiple times per year, or who have historically given during the first half of the calendar year, so that we can ask them during UTF. So, could we pull all (non-MPG) CoD individuals, with a gift of $100 or more, received between Jan 1, 2017 and June 30, 2017? If you could include their full 2017 giving history, other constituency codes (ie: monthly) and a few solicit codes, I think that should be enough info to decide if they need a UTF ask and for how much. Thank you! Jackie

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