Micro Project Overview

CoD Promo Codes For Woo Store


Requester: Jackie Poliseo

Department: Annual Giving

Project Type: Data Input/Output

Requested: 10/03/17

Due: 10/10/17

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Promo Codes for CoD Members to purchase tribute cards in the Woo Store: 2017 Codes (to expire on 1.1.18) 1. Investigator2017 (2 uses) 2. Pioneer2017 (4 uses) 3. Innovator2017 (6 uses) 4. Leader2017 (6 uses) 2018 Codes (to expire on 1.1.19) 1. Investigator2018 (2 uses) 2. Pioneer2018 (4 uses) 3. Innovator2018 (6 uses) 4. Leader2018 (6 uses) Could you also please look into a report on coupon use, so we can keep an eye on potential promo-code abuse? Thanks!

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