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CoD Welcome Letter Global Action


Requester: Jackie Poliseo

Department: Annual Giving

Project Type: Data Input/Output

Requested: 01/16/18

Due: 01/23/18

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Add a global action to indicate a welcome letter was mailed to the H1806 donors who gave the asked amount and have been added to CoD. A full welcome packet was not mailed as they had already received the CoD brochure through their upgrade mailing. Please add this action to the donors in the "Welcome Mailing" tab of the H1806 CoD Upgrade Donors spreadsheet that will be emailed. Thank you. Action Category: Mailing Action Type: Stewardship Solicitors: Jackie Poliseo Sub-Type: CoD Welcome Packet Action Completed on 1/16/18 Notes: Type: Annual Giving Notes Description: CoD Welcome Letter Mailed This donor was mailed a hand-signed letter welcoming them to the CoD for 2018. They did not receive a full folder/welcome packet, as they had already received the CoD brochure through the H1806 upgrade mailing.

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