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Daily Gifts Screen – Add Constituents W/PR Screen Over 3 Yrs Old


Requester: Rebecca Richman

Department: Major and Planned Gifts

Project Type: Data Input/Output

Requested: 07/19/18

Due: 08/18/18

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1. An updated query for monthly prospect research screens I can upload to ResearchPoint that captures people who's previous screen is 3+ years old and also new donors w/o any previous screen: --Who make a gift of $100+ AND who have never been screened before (no previous Action of Prospect Research Screening) OR -- Who make a $100+ gift and have an Action of Prospect Research Screening that is 3+ years old. Please see Query titled "Test Daily Gifts w/No 3 Yr Prior Screen. Of note: I need the fields in this sample query, including System Record ID under Output. If I need to run two different queries for this info, I can do that, too. : ) Thanks again, Wendy. You're wonderful!

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