Micro Project Overview

Delete All WealthEngine Data In RE


Requester: Rebecca Richman

Department: Major and Planned Gifts

Project Type: Data Input/Output

Requested: 07/19/18

Due: 08/08/18

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After all donors/prospects who have WealthEngine data AND financial information of $750,000+ are captured (in previous project request), please: 1. Delete all remaining WealthEngine (WE) Data and associated fields in RE, including: --Prospect tab, Financial Information - all data in individual records with WealthEngine as Information Source --Prospect tab, Ratings - all data in individual records with WealthEngine as Source and with "WealthEngine" contained in wording under Category. --All WE data fields in drop down menus. 2. Global add for all constituents above: Admin --- Globally Add Records --- Add Action --- Include "Selected" and choose query above --- Action Information under General tab --- Category is Task Other --- Action Type of Prospect Research Screening --- Acton Date is today's date --- Solicitor is Rebecca Richman --- check box for Action completed on and choose today's date --- Notes tab --- New Notepad --- today's date --- Type is Prospect Research Notes --- Description is "Outdated WE Screening Results Removed - No Longer Current". Thank you, Wendy! Please holler if I've overlooked anything. : )

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