Micro Project Overview

Direct Mail– National Dog Day


Requester: Sara Yeransian

Department: Major and Planned Gifts

Project Type: Existing Assets

Requested: 05/16/17

Due: 06/15/17

No assets were uploaded


Hi Tiffany, Carol and Nicole, Rachelle and I would like to create a direct mail piece for National Dog Day (would like to hit mailboxes by August 1st). We would like this to include a letter (I can definitely write this), along with a business reply envelope. I know this takes time, but I think it would also be beneficial to have a small 1/2 pager just with some fun bullet facts about GRLS (with pretty pictures!) When talking with Rachelle and Laurie, I think it makes sense to send the letter, brochure and BRE to Wurst and have them send it (it's going to be going to all canine donors, osteo donors, GRLS enrollees and GRLS volunteers) so it's a substantial number. I haven't ever worked with direct mail at MAF yet, so please let me know what else you need from me. I can get you the letter by mid-next week (I am traveling this week and don't have much down time). Also, I requested the due-date for mid-June but please let me know if that's not doable (I know you have a lot going on with UTF, etc). Thanks! Sara

Connected to existing project brief?

Yes, National Dog Day.