Micro Project Overview

Dog Days Of Summer Press Release


Requester: Roxanne Davis

Department: Organizational Giving

Project Type: Existing Assets

Requested: 05/24/17

Due: 06/13/17


Orvis, has been a partner of Morris Animal Foundation since 2009. Through this partnership, Orvis and its customers have donated over $1,170,804.66 to Morris Animal Foundation. Morris Animal Foundation is the beneficiary of Orvis’ Cover Dog Contest. Proceeds from this contest are directed to the Golden Retriever Life Time study. Orvis current contest runs from April 1, 2017 – September 30, 2017. July 27 - August 27 Orvis will host a Dog Days of Summer Promotion in its retail stores across the county. This year they have invited Morris Animal Foundation to be a part of this promotion. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with Orvis customers and share with them the wonderful work Morris Animal Foundation is doing to advance animal health – and the Golden Retriever Lifetime study. We are reaching out to GRLS volunteers and their hero dog to be a part of this promotion at their local Orvis store. We anticipate Heros will be in about 38 stores. Paw Print Program; Orvis will host the paw print promotion in stores during this time. Customers will have the opportunity to purchase a paper paw print, write their dogs name on the paw and display it in the Orvis store. Proceeds will benefit Golden Lifetime Study. Promotion will vary by store Action item: We need to create a swiss cheese press release to send to each of store where Heros will be present. Additionally we will send out a national press release announcing the Dog Days and GRLS participation. Press release will need to be reviewed by Orvis and possibly obtain a quote from Perk Perkins. Please let me know what other information you need. Thank you!

Connected to existing project brief?

There will be an additional brief to create talking points for staff and GRLS volunteers