Micro Project Overview

Drops For MPG – FY18 Q3


Requester: Rebecca Richman

Department: Major and Planned Gifts

Project Type: Data Input/Output

Requested: 01/18/18

Due: 01/27/18

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Hi Leslie! As always, thanks very much for your help on this. : ) -Remove current team lead. -Add current team lead as Previous Assigned Solicitor under Individual Relationship (manually enter name – do not connect records). Use “Date From” as today’s date. -If CoD, add Jackie as team lead. -Remove Temporary Do Not Solicit code on Bio 1 AND Temp Do Not Solicit for spouse (if applicable). Also remove Walk Only solicit code on Bio 1 if only these two codes are present. -Change any code of Prospect under Bio 2 tab to Former Prospect -Add solicit code of Animal News Must Mail if donor is a Lamplighter or Past Trustee. -Please let prospect research staff know when drops are completed in RE

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