Micro Project Overview

GRLS Emails From RE


Requester: Jeanne Horne

Department: Marketing and Brand Strategy

Project Type: Data Input/Output

Requested: 12/18/17

Due: 12/26/17

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Hi, We are having some challenges with the GRLS owner contact email information. I am trying to get to the bottom of why there are many people who claim they never opted out though I show that they have in Luminate. Basically, I'm starting over and going through all the data to see if I can figure out why there are so many mismatches. I have several constituents who have told me to use different emails for them and some that are saying they never receive anything from us. Please send me the list of GRLS owners that you have in RE with the status of their email address. Then I'm going to share the info I have so that we can make updates in RE so that they are not mistakenly opted out of receiving Study information from us. If this is easier to talk through or if you have a better way of doing this, I'm available and all ears. Thanks!

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