Micro Project Overview

New Portfolio Assignments – Clark & Rachelle


Requester: Rebecca Richman

Department: Major and Planned Gifts

Project Type: Data Input/Output

Requested: 09/13/17

Due: 09/22/17

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Please make the RE global updates below to add new portfolio assignments to Rachelle and Clark. I'll send files by email. Thanks! 1. Update current team lead to previous team lead with end date (please do not link) -Exception for Rebecca as team lead: just delete as team lead -Exception for Jackie as team lead: update to Team Member for future stewardship of CoD 2. If donor is reassigned to MPG from AG, please do NOT change AG team lead on any proposals; change only the status on these proposals to reassigned 3. Add DO on list as new team lead with start date 4. If MG/OG Stage is Identification, please change to Qualification -If MG/OG Stage is Qualification, Cultivation, Solicitation or Stewardship (transfer from another DO), please keep stage as is 5. Add Temp Do Not Solicit code on Bio 1 tab to head of household; AND spouse (if applicable) 6. Please let prospect research know when adds are complete.

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