Micro Project Overview

Veterinary Student Scholar Tracking In RE



Department: Major and Planned Gifts

Project Type: Data Input/Output

Requested: 11/28/17

Due: 12/30/17

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We would like to track VSS projects and the sponsors going forward in RE. See note below from Mollie about timing of these projects. Maybe we start with FY18 projects that will come up in May. I will send the FY17 studies Mollie sent to me for reference and you can decide if you want to add those into RE to see how this works out. Hi Rachelle, Attached is a list of the FY17 VSS projects. Since these awards are stipends for summer projects, these projects started in May and wrapped up in September. With a few exceptions for students that needed a bit more time on their projects, these now complete. There is currently a call out for FY18 projects. The call closes in mid-March, and we should have funding decisions by early April, and contracts back, stipends distributed to students, and projects starting in May. Moving forward, I am more than happy to send out a list of all the contracted VSS projects, as we do for each species. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks, Mollie

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