Micro Project Overview

VSS Award Plaque Update


Requester: Mollie Boettcher

Department: Scientific Programs

Project Type: Existing Assets

Requested: 01/26/18

Due: 05/15/18

No assets were uploaded


We would like to update the design of our VSS award plaques to a more modern design. Lindsey has proofs from previous years. We will need 5 plaque total that have our logo or name and the below text (or something similar): -Exemplary Veterinary Student Scholar (3 with this text) -Exemplary Veterinary Student Scholar - First Place (1 with this text) -Exemplary Veterinary Student Scholar - Second Place (1 with this text) Budget will need to be ~$60 per plaque ($300 total) Would like to have them in-hand by mid-May so we can present them at the June meeting.

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