Micro Project Overview

Years Of Service Clings


Requester: Lisa Whipple

Department: General

Project Type: Existing Assets

Requested: 11/27/17

Due: 02/03/18

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The WPC would like to provide recognition for years of service as many companies do for their employees. Other ways of recognition that we've looked into have not been cost effective. We are hoping a simple cling could be designed that employees could display on their cube on the plexiglass next to their name plate (similar in size to the "In Case of Emergency" clings.). These would recognize I year, 5 years, 10 years and 15 years. It would have the logo, the number and the words "Years of Service." We have a budget of about $400 for this project. Is this a bigger discussion than a micro project? Sorry - I don't use the MBS project system as much. ;}

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